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Custom Swimming Pool Builders, Installation & Servicing

Pool Tec Canada brings decades of experience to help you fine tune your swimming pool desires. The options are many, and we'll help you every step of the way during the design process, to ensure that you get a pool that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Design options begin with proper backyard placement, landscaping coordination, pool design, pool entry type, equipment selection, lighting, optional tanning ledges, deep end perimeter seats, colour LED lighting, waterfalls, deck jets, and more.....


Pool Design

Designing a pool has lots of variables, and our experienced designers will communicate with you to understand exactly what you want, in order to determine what best fits your vision.


Designing and building a pool is an exciting process - Pool Tec Canada provides every option available - from full length walk-in steps, to deck jets, autofill systems, ledges, tanning lounges, LED systems, automated cleaners and more.


Landscaping around the pool requires coordination between the pool builders and the landscaping team, whether you work with our landscape crews or your own, we can help guide the process to ensure a beautiful outcome.

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Detailed Pool
Buyers Guide

Find out more about the pool building process from start to finish, what design options and features are available, and glimpse what products we recommend, as well as those  new products shaping the pool industry - and so much more....

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